​Cricket New Brunswick's Nomination Committee is placing an official call for nominations for the following positions:

  • President (2 years term)

  • Treasurer (2 years term)

  • 2 Directors (2 years term) - Current Directors: Cody Waite, Kerul Patel

Please carefully review the criteria below. If you know of someone who would be a great candidate?  Nominate them by sending their name, club and position you believe they would be a great candidate for by email to no later than 5:00 pm on December 10, 2017 for consideration.

By joining CNB's Board of Directors, you'll play a key role in shaping the future of this exciting organization!




Nominations Eligibility

In order to nominate a member to the board, the following must be respected, as per the CNB by-laws:

Eligibility of Executive Council and Directors

Any individual, who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, who is a resident of Canada as defined in the Income Tax Act, who has the power under the law to contract, who has not been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country, and who does not have the status of bankrupt, may be nominated for election or appointment as a Director.


Deadline to Nominate

The Nominations Committee has set a deadline for nominations December 10, 2017 at 5:00 pm, at which time the Nominations Committee will carefully evaluate and consider each.

Nominations must be provided electronically to the nomination committee, and must include a resume highlighting a candidates work history as related to a not for profit organization or sports governance.

The nominations will be shared with the respective club representatives on December 11, 2017.  

Nominations Criteria

We seek candidates who have:

  • The ability to perform effectively for a provincial organization;

  • The experience and ability to understand and analyze financial statements and management reports;

  • The ability to appropriately and impartially serve in the best interest of Cricket New Brunswick and its diverse membership;

  • A personal commitment to the growth of cricket; participating in fundraising activities and volunteering for events;

  • An understanding of the not-for-profit business model;

  • A belief in, and support for, sustainable business practices;

  • The ability to effectively and constructively communicate information and ideas to others while working in a team environment, in person, by email, and in teleconference;

  • Leadership, judgment, and decision-making skills and experience;

  • The propensity for strategic, analytical, independent, objective, open-minded, and curious thought;

  • Demonstrate highest standards of ethical behaviour and integrity.


Candidates must also:

  • Be able to fulfill the time commitment required of a Director on the Board of CNB;

  • Be functional in spoken and written English (English is the working language of the Board);

  • Be IT literate, including the use of computers, email, internet, web conferencing and shared networks.


If there is more than one successful nomination for a position voting will take place to fill that position.

  • Each club as a club member in good standing shall be entitled to three (3) votes at all General Meetings which may be divided amongst as many as 3 accredited individuals attending the meeting within in the club.

  • Club member representatives must be present at the General Meeting to exercise their rights to vote (no proxy votes are permitted).


Election procedure

Elections will be held on the day of Cricket New Brunswick’s Annual General Meeting on December 17, 2017 2-5 pm @ Loyalists Club.


  1. Members must be present at the elections in order to place their vote.  

  2. Votes will be collected by one member of the Nominations Committee.  

  3. They will be counted by that member, and a second member of the committee will verify the count.  

  4. Results will be announced during the AGM shortly after votes are cast.  

  5. A simple voting majority is necessary to be elected to the board.   

  6. The new Executive Council will take office at the conclusion of the Annual meeting at which they are elected.



Nominees involved in the voting process will have 3 business days after the election, , to request a recount of ballots.  If that is the case, all members of the Nominations Committee will do the recount, and results will be announced via email to the board.  If no recount is requested, ballots will be destroyed (disposed off) at 5:00 pm 3 business days after the elections.

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